Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm going on Hiatus

So it's been a little bit since I posted my last post. Over a week, in fact. For this post I don't really want to have much of an intro, I'd much rather just get into it.

As you can tell by the title I'm going on a hiatus.
 I've been thinking about taking a break for a few weeks now, maybe even a month or so, and it just seemed like now was a good time to finally take that break.

But why am I going on break?

Well, I'm not happy with the work I've been putting out into the book community. My bookstagram has gone down hill as far as quality, I haven't posted in three weeks, and I never interact with anyone anymore. I would really like it if I could take good, quality pictures again without feeling like it's a major chore.

I'm definitely not happy with the content I've been putting out on my blog. The majority of my posts are either reviews or memes and that's not something I'm happy about. Though memes are something to help fill my everyday blogging goal I don't think that they should be super prominent in my blog feed, and that's starting to happen.
I want to get back to writing posts that I'm proud of. 



The destroyer of my bookish life.
I'm someone who procrastinates 24/7. In fact I procrastinate so much that it's starting to become a problem to my sleep schedule and my everyday life. I wait to do HW until about 10 pm and when I finally finish around 11 pm I may write a super half-hearted blog post that is really low quality. I know I need to fix this but it's hard once you develop a routine.
During my hiatus I'd like to try and fix my procrastination problem. Finishing HW earlier means more time for book related things.

I just realized how long this post is so I'm going to stop there.

I plan on being gone for at least the rest of February. That's not super long but we'll see how things go. I should be out for no more than 2 weeks. In between this time you can always talk to me on Twitter :)

Bye for now lovely readers 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely rest of the month!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Hello, friends! It's Tuesday which means it's time for another TTT post. This weeks theme is books and music (aka two of my favorite things.) So without further ado our topic this week is:

Top Ten books I'd want to have to give theme songs to

Truthwitch by: Susan Dennard
If you haven't already heard Sooz's epic playlist for Truthwitch you can click here to listen to it. I picture the Truthwitch theme song would be just as epic as this playlist, though, I don't have a specific song in mind.

The Shadowhunter Chronicles by: Cassandra Clare
Okay, I guess the Shadowhunter TV show kind of already has a theme song but it's kind of horrible it's not what I had in mind. I do think that Christine from PolandbananasBOOKS has the perfect theme song though... 

Throne of Glass by: Sarah J Maas
I'm picturing a song that's just as epic as the world. BUT I truly believe that Halsey's album is perfect for Celeana Sardothien and ToG. BADLANDS is ToG (*whispers* you must listen to it!!!)

Fangirl by: Rainbow Rowell
The whole reason Cath is a Fangirl is because of Simon and Baz. So I'm picturing a Soundtrack that goes with Simon and Baz yet it has a cutesy twist, staying true to the cutesy romance in this book.

Vengeance Road by: Erin Bowman
I'm picturing something that sounds Western. Okay, that's not descriptive at all. But I'm thinking of that song they play when two people are about to show down at high noon in Western movies except it changes suddenly into an intense orchestrated piece, as if the music was painting a picture where the characters are being chased.

Obsidian by: Jennifer L. Aremntrout
For Obsidian I'd want a song that sounds... seductive. Yet it goes off into a piece of the music that sounds more intense, more filled with action.

Angelfall by: Susan Ee
Since the world in Angelfall is extremely dark I'd want a song that reflects that. The music should be intense, almost creepy sounding. Yet, in the middle of it all there's a violin solo that gives the effect of the music taking on a lighter tone. The violin later falls away and the darker music comes back.

Don't Look Back by: Jennifer L. Aremntrout
I'm picturing a song that's menacing for Don't Look Back. (I'm gonna bring up the violin again but) the song should be played by the violin. I picture it sounding eerie, like somethings off but you don't know what.

Hyperbole and a Half by: Allie Brosh
This book was absolutely HILARIOUS. What song could possibly communicate how funny this book is? Well, I'd like it to sound joyful. Maybe even just a bunch of mismatched noises from who knows what. This mythical song wouldn't be annoying, it would just make you happy.

Legend by: Marie Lu
This book needs a song that's as fast-paced as it was. The music should be fast, obviously, and intense. Like the music is telling it's own story. (Though Champion would require sad violin music if you can recall the ending *goes into other room to cry*)

Do you agree with my choices?
Random, but do you play any instruments?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Review: Asylum by: Madeleine Roux

Asylum by: Madeleine Roux

Rating: 3.5/5

Series: Asylum, #1

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 313 

Published: August 20th, 2013

Publisher: Harperteen


"Asylum is a thrilling and creepy photo-novel perfect for fans of the New York Times bestseller Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

For sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford, New Hampshire College Prep is more than a summer program—it's a lifeline. An outcast at his high school, Dan is excited to finally make some friends in his last summer before college. But when he arrives at the program, Dan learns that his dorm for the summer used to be a sanatorium, more commonly known as an asylum. And not just any asylum—a last resort for the criminally insane.

As Dan and his new friends, Abby and Jordan, explore the hidden recesses of their creepy summer home, they soon discover it's no coincidence that the three of them ended up here. Because the asylum holds the key to a terrifying past. And there are some secrets that refuse to stay buried.

Featuring found photos of unsettling history and real abandoned asylums and filled with chilling mystery and page-turning suspense, Madeleine Roux's teen debut, Asylum, is a horror story that treads the line between genius and insanity."


I'm a huge wuss when it comes to reading horror. It doesn't matter what the scare factor is, I just tend to avoid horror of any kind.

... So obviously I signed up for the YA Horror reading challenge.

Asylum is one of the first horror books that I've read in a long  time. 

A REALLY long time.

I was actually sent the entire trilogy (thank you Madeleine!) so obviously I had to read it sooner or later.
Beforehand, I looked up what people were rating the book on average only to find that a large majority were giving it around three stars. Of course, that didn't keep me away from the book.

After reading it I can officially say that it definitely wasn't as bad as a lot of people are saying! I was entertained throughout the entire book and it definitely kept me coming back for more.

Let me just say that the pictures were a huge plus for me. They were creepy and they communicated some things that weren't as clear in the writing (if that makes any sense.)

I didn't dislike any of the characters. In fact, I really loved how close the friends become in this group. However, I didn't really feel a connection to any of the characters. Though I could relate to the main character, Dan, in a way because we are both more introverted. But overall I would say that I felt very little for the characters as a whole.

Like I said before, the story was enjoyable. I wanted to keep coming back so I could find out what would happen next. But at times the storyline became... confusing in a way. Not so much confusing as lacking. The "big reveal" at the end didn't leave me gasping or surprised. I was more like "well, that just happened" (which isn't a particularly good thing.) 
I didn't feel immersed in the story or the characters like I would have liked to have been.

Overall I feel like there could have been a little bit more of a shock factor. I'm a huge wuss when it comes to horror, of any variety, and I wasn't freaked out in any part of this book.

Okay maybe just one part. I mean, wouldn't this freak you out:

"You can be one of them, too. You can be immortal. Bend you, pose you, with a smirk or a frown. I'm waiting one the fifth floor, Daniel, to sculpt you."

How would you feel if you got a text from a stranger that said that while you're alone in a college dorm?!?!

I'd recommend Asylum to: people who want a shorter read (OR) anyone who chickens out when it comes to horror but wants to try to get into the genre.

Favorite Quote:

"Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage."

(Quoted from Ray Bradbury)

Thank you for reading and have a lovely Valentines Day!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by: Jill from Breaking the Spine

I can't believe that it's already February. I mean, where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday that I wanted it to be January so I could get fabulous new releases such as Truthwitch and The Love that Split the World. (...and now they're already released *ahhh*)

I think today I'll be mixing it up. It's hard to believe I haven't mentioned this book on the blog (pretty much at all) since I'm a GINORMOUS fan of this author and the companion books. Have you guessed the book, yet?


A little bit farther...


"The Shadowhunters of Los Angeles star in the first novel in Cassandra Clare’s newest series, The Dark Artifices, a sequel to the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series. Lady Midnight is a Shadowhunters novel.

It’s been five years since the events of City of Heavenly Fire that brought the Shadowhunters to the brink of oblivion. Emma Carstairs is no longer a child in mourning, but a young woman bent on discovering what killed her parents and avenging her losses.

Together with her parabatai Julian Blackthorn, Emma must learn to trust her head and her heart as she investigates a demonic plot that stretches across Los Angeles, from the Sunset Strip to the enchanted sea that pounds the beaches of Santa Monica. If only her heart didn’t lead her in treacherous directions…

Making things even more complicated, Julian’s brother Mark—who was captured by the faeries five years ago—has been returned as a bargaining chip. The faeries are desperate to find out who is murdering their kind—and they need the Shadowhunters’ help to do it. But time works differently in faerie, so Mark has barely aged and doesn’t recognize his family. Can he ever truly return to them? Will the faeries really allow it?

Glitz, glamours, and Shadowhunters abound in this heartrending opening to Cassandra Clare’s Dark Artifices series."

I couldn't resist talking about Lady Midnight on here. I'm absolutely ecstatic for the release of the newest book in the Shadowhunters chronicles (I mean, who wouldn't be?) Though, I am interested in seeing how the "unique" love triangle plays out....

Are you excited for Lady Midnight?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Faiths Bookspiration" turns one! *Cheers*

Why, yes, that is Truthwitch in the picture below...

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I totally forgot about my blogoversary was super excited for my blogoversary! It's hard for me to believe that it's been a whole year since I started this blog.

... and let me just say, a whole lot has happened in just one year of blogging.

What I've done:

I wrote a grand total of: 129 blog post (130 including this post)
Not too shabby for a blogging newbie if I do say so   myself.

I got a grand total of: 9, 192 views!
I've been getting a lot more views in the past few months (which makes me super happy!)

I reviewed a total of: 28 books
(I need to up my book reading game xD)

I received my first physical ARC from a publisher
(There was a lot of squealing involved)

I went to two book signings and got the chance to meet 11 different authors (!!!)
Including: Rae Carson, Susan Dennard, Victoria Schwab, Sarah Prineas, and many others...

I started using Twitter! (This doesn't seem like a huge accomplishment but it is in my eyes. Twitter has done a ton for, not only my blog, but for me as well.)

I met a ridiculous amount of blogger friends through Twitter! It's been absolutely amazing being able to interact with other booklovers, like myself.

Speaking of amazing bookish friends...

Bookish people of amazingness:

As  mentioned above, I met some amazing people on Twitter! I just want to take a moment to mention a few people (and when I say a few people I actually mean I'm going to mention a MAHOOSIVE amount of people.)

All the hugs for the Fire Clan

Being part of the Truthwitch street team was an absolutely amazing experience. I met so many amazing people. But I specifically want to say thank you to the Fire Clan. 
Sondra, Em, Aneli, Jana, Megan I freaking adore all of you. You guys have made me laugh, and cry-laugh (craugh? no that's something entirely different) Skyping with you guys is always amazing and hilarious. 
(... and thank you Megan for reminding me that Veggie Tales is a necessity in life.)

Bloggers that inspired me 

Being a blogger newbie was... hard? I guess it has been hard in a sense. When I first started blogging I had zero idea what I was doing (and it shows in my first few posts.) But once I discovered Twitter and a ton of other bloggers, there were a few that really stood out to me. I could look up to these people when I needed blogging inspiration/ motivation. These bloggers overall inspired me to be a better blogger.

Nori (@Readwritelove28)
When I first entered the blogging community I didn't really have any friends. But Nori's RQWN chat really changed that. It allowed me to meet new people (new fabulously amazing people) and I will be forever be grateful for that.
Nori is one of those people that you want to be friends with. She has such a lovely personality and is always willing to help out other bloggers. Plus, she is super good at planning ahead. Nori, teach me your organizational ways.

Rachel (@yaperfectionist)
First off can I just say that everything about A Perfection Called Books is... well... perfection. I definitely aspire to be as amazing of a blogger as Rachel is. Not only is she an amazing blogger but she's also super fun to talk to :)

Sarah (@whatsarahread) 
I believe Sarah's blog was one of the first blog's I'd discovered on the blog-o-sphere. She's definitely been a huge blogging inspiration for me overall. (Plus, Sarah knows how to make the most GORGEOUS book edits.)

Jen (@Starryeyedjen)
The Starry-Eyed Revenue was also one of the very first blogs I discovered. I remember stumbling upon Jen's site and I was in love immediately. It has such a gorgeous design and the posts are amazing as well. (How could Jen not be a blogging inspiration?!)

Hafsah (@hafsahfaizal)
Everything about Hafsah is inspirational. Her blog is amazing, her design skills are amazing, everything about her is amazing. In conclusion, Hafsah is amazing. I think every blogger can aspire to be as successful as her :)

Jamie (@brokeandbookish)
Jamie is an overall lovely person. Like many others on this list, she has a fabulous blog (the design is adorable!) AND she has a cute dog (Sorry I just had to mention the dog.)

Amazing Twitter/Blogger friends

I started becoming more active in the Twitter area of the blogging community in... August, I believe. Since then, I've talked to (and met) so many amazing people. Be prepared for a long, long list of love :P

Some of the original people I talked to included:
Cat, Gabi, and Brittany. 
Cat, your kindness is infectious and I want to thank you for talking to me and just being an overall nice person. You've made me laugh when I wasn't feeling super happy and I adore you for it. 
Gabi, little fish, unicorn of magicalness, I'm so happy that I've gotten the chance to talk to you. You can make me smile at the most random times. Thank you for being the unicorn that you are. 
Brittany, I remember the first time we discovered that we both love apple cider xD Your love for the Grisha trilogy is admirable (I mean HOLY WOW the Leigh Bardugo dedication is real.) I love talking to you in general *all the huggles*

Lovely friends that need to be mentioned:
Ale, Nanna, Helena, Rachana, Alyssa, Karina, Alexandra, Nova, Sarah, Lillie, Tika, other Alyssa, Angel, Isha, Aila, Cyra, Mishma, Wesaun, Sarena, Kelly, Aentee, Jacquelyn, Claudia, Andye, Sky, Becky, Kelly, Deanna, Liran, Jess, Tamara, Alexandra, Tiffany, Amber, Cilla, Alex, Ava, and Maryam.

I want to give all of you hugs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the conversations. I'm so happy to have met all of you guys ♡♡♡


So I wish I could giveaway a book but I can't really do that as of right now. BUT I do have a giveaway going on on my Twitter right now! I'm giving away some signed swag =D

Overall, I think I've had a pretty good blogging year! I'm so happy that I decided to start "Faiths Bookspiration" 

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Michelle Madow's Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows Blog Tour & Giveaway

I am honored to have been chosen for the Elementals: Prophecy of Shadows Blog Tour! For my post, Michelle gave us the Top Five Ways to Deal with the Realization that you have Magic.

So without further ado let's get into it!

Top five ways to deal with the realization that you have magic
  1. Question it! Someone says you have magic—you can’t just believe them on their word! Look for evidence that it’s the truth. Like … if you had two miraculous healings in a month. That might be the work of magic.

  2. Practice! Because once you’ve accepted the fact that yes, magic is real, you won’t get any good at it unless you practice.

  3. Learn about the history of magic and what it can do. Because that’s the only way to understand what you might be able to do.

  4. Keep it secret from those who don’t have magic. Because who knows how they’ll react, or if they’ll believe you?

  5. Use your powers to defend yourself against evil monsters who are out to kill you. Because what good is having magic if you can’t use it to defend yourself?

Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows is the first in a new series that fans of Percy Jackson and The Secret Circle will love!

About Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows:

Title: Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows
Author: Michelle Madow
Publisher: Dreamscape Publishing
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Series: Elementals #1
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Format: eBook and paperback
ISBN: 2940152448849

Filled with magic, thrilling adventure, and sweet romance, Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows is the first in a new series that fans of Percy Jackson and The Secret Circle will love!

When Nicole Cassidy moves from sunny Georgia to gloomy New England, the last thing she expects is to learn that her homeroom is a cover for a secret coven of witches. Even more surprisingly … she’s apparently a witch herself. Despite doubts about her newfound abilities, Nicole is welcomed into this ancient circle of witches and is bedazzled by their powers—and, to her dismay, by Blake—the school’s notorious bad-boy.

Girls who get close to Blake wind up hurt. His girlfriend Danielle will do anything to keep them away, even if she must resort to using dark magic. But the chemistry between Blake and Nicole is undeniable, and despite wanting to protect Nicole from Danielle’s wrath, he finds it impossible to keep his distance.

When the Olympian Comet shoots through the sky for the first time in three thousand years, Nicole, Blake, Danielle, and two others in their homeroom are gifted with mysterious powers. But the comet has another effect—it opens the portal to the prison world that has contained the Titans for centuries. After an ancient monster escapes and attacks Nicole and Blake, it’s up to them and the others to follow the clues from a cryptic prophecy so that they can save their town … and possibly the world.

Buy Links:  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo  |  iBooks

Add to your TBR List:  Goodreads

About Michelle Madow:
Michelle Madow grew up in Baltimore, graduated Rollins College in Orlando, and now lives in Boca Raton, Florida. She wrote her first book in her junior year of college, and has been writing novels since. Some of her favorite things are: reading, pizza, traveling, shopping, time travel, Broadway musicals, and spending time with friends and family. Michelle has toured across America to promote her books and to encourage high school students to embrace reading and writing. Someday, she hopes to travel the world for a year on a cruise ship.

To get instant updates about Michelle's new books, subscribe to her newsletter and follow her on Amazon!

Connect with Michelle:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Goodreads

Rafflecopter for Release Week Blitz Giveaway:
Michelle is offering up a fabulous prize during her Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows Virtual Tour event. One (1) lucky winner will receive a Kindle Fire 7”! To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:


.... and don't forget to check out Barclay Publicity!

Review|| A Court of Wings and Ruin (and lot's of cringe) by: Sarah J Maas

I don't usually like to review sequels because then the review can't truly be spoiler free (which is a huge bummer). BUT I ha...