Friday, October 30, 2015

Harryween: A DIY on carving a pumpkin... Harry Potter style

Hello, friends! I've been absent (half because of lack of ideas, half because...?) Anyways, I'm back to give y'all a bookish DIY! This DIY is for all the people who are procrastinators, like myself, who haven't carved a pumpkin yet. I mean, what would Halloween be without pumpkins? (Well, lots of Hocus Pocus and apple cider but...) Keep reading if you want to learn how to do a simple Harry Potter design on that pumpkin that's sitting around your house...or outside.. or at your local pumpkin patch.

What You'll need:

-Safety pins (preferred)
I prefer safety pins thought you can
really use anything that's pointy

-A print out/template
Make sure to choose something easy!
Unless you're a professional pumpkin person you'll find that the carving part isn't a piece of cake.
I got my template from this search on google.

-A knife
I used a pairing knife because it's
easier to use, at least for me. 

-(Optional) Apple Cider and Hocus Pocus
Why not add a little
 spice to your life?

Step 1:
Set your pumpkin up. This includes cutting the top off, and gutting the pumpkin. (If you plan on baking the pumpkin seeds then make sure to separate those from the rest of the pumpkin guts.) Once you've done this then pick which side of the pumpkin you want facing the street. Use the safety pins to pin your template, at the angle you want it, on the pumpkin.

Step 2:
Take a safety pin and begin to poke holes around the outline of the shapes. (This is so you have a basic outline of what you're carving. When you take the template off then you'll have dots to guide you :) This process is kind of lengthy so you may have to be patient.

Step 3:
After you've finished poking holes along the outline of your shape then remove the template. The dots may be vague so I like to take my knife, or whatever you're using to carve the pumpkin, and connect/trace the dots so the lines show up more clearly.

Step 4:
Time to start carving! I don't have a particular technique for carving the pumpkin so just carve the pumpkin to the best of your ability! I find it easier to carve out smaller shapes inside the larger shapes. This doesn't affect the final product and I find that it's easier to carve.

Step 5:
Put the top of the pumpkin back on. Stand back and admire your handy work. Look you carved a HP pumpkin! Isn't it glorious?!

Hopefully I helped a few of you out with your pumpkin carving problems!

Happy Halloween and thank you for reading!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review||| Hush, Hush by: Becca FitzPatrick

Hush, Hush by:Becca Fitzpatrick

Rating: 4/5

Series: Hush, Hush #1

Format: e-book

Page count: 391

Published: October 13th 2009

Publisher: Simon and Schuster



Romance was not part of Nora Grey's plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how hard her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her. Not until Patch comes along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Patch draws Nora to him against her better judgment.

But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure whom to trust. Patch seems to be everywhere she is and seems to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is way more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel.

For she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen - and, when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost Nora her life.

I picked this book up when I discovered that you could rent e-books (a blessing and a curse.) I've been in a reading slump since September and I've been reading my two current reads for the past 3 weeks now (UGH.) I needed a book that could get me back into my reading ways, because it definitely wasn't my current reads that were going to do the trick. That's where Hush, Hush comes in.

From the first chapter I was hooked. If you haven't read it yet then let me set the scene for you. 

Biology class. Specifically a Reproductive health type situation. Nora, our MC, and her best friend, Vee, are forced to change seats by "coach", aka the teacher. Long story short, Nora now sits next to Patch, aka the stories' fictional bad boy. 

Now I've read many books that have "bad-boys" (because they're my love) but I haven't yet read about a bad boy that was this upfront at a very early point in the story. Then I read about Patch. Just "upfront" is a huge understatement when it comes to Patch. He had all your typical bad boy qualities: Dark, tall, gorgeous (er mer gerd my eyes), mysterious, definitely had a dark past, and alternative motives? 

I couldn't help but love him, though if you can't stand characters with these qualities then refraining from reading this book may be your best bet.

Moving on from Patch...

I really enjoyed Nora's character. She stood up for herself and didn't tolerate getting crap from people. She also wasn't immediately trusting, which was supposed to be one of her character flaws, though I enjoyed that about her. As much as I love bad boys it can get annoying when the main character, usually always a female, is just automatically trusting and doesn't suspect anything even though the other character, usually male, is acting strange and looks like they want to murder something. It took a long time for her to even half-trust Patch, which was great. Like with most characters she still had a few flaws. I wasn't a huge fan of how she handled certain situations, that mostly just required a wee bit of common since. Besides that Nora was great.

Speaking of Nora being great, she was also a great friend... to Vee. Oh Vee *sigh*.

Just based off the first chapter I though Vee was going to be a fabulous friend and an overall great character. However, that was not the case at all. Vee was annoying, she literally couldn't do anything helpful (or smart for that matter.) Half of the horrible things that happened could have been avoided if Vee wouldn't have been so stupid and careless.
Vee: A party in a dark alley late at night with people I just met? Count me in!
(Not actually said but basically)

As far as the actual story line it wasn't anything too special. Then again when I picked the book up I wasn't expecting for it to blow me away with its amazingly developed story line.
With that being said the book was cliche. I could see the "twist" from a mile away. To be honest I guessed half of the book. However, in this situation that didn't hinder my reading experience.

Overall I had a ton of fun reading Hush, Hush. It was fairly fast-paced and it got me out of my reading slump! (YAYYYYY)

Pick this book up if: You're in a reading slump and need something fun and easy to read. OR if you like Angels, bad boys, or YA paranormal.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Release of Daybreak by: Cheree Alsop + Giveaway

Book Blurb:

"Liora Day, half-human, half-mess with her and you’ll die Damaclan, had been thrown onto a rough path at a very early age. But when she is broken out of a cage by Devren, the young captain of the SS Kratos, she is shown that perhaps humanity does have a heart. The Kratos is set on a mission to rescue fallen surveyors from the Revolutionaries, and Liora is given the choice to follow her Damaclan instincts, or trust Devren’s dark eyes and captivating smile that promise an adventure unlike any she has ever experienced."

Cheree Alsop grew up on a farm in Utah where she spent morning and night working with animals. Her step-father is a beekeeper as well as a farmer, and so her schooling in the art of honey gathering, animal care, and tending to crops has been tempered by a strong work ethic and an appreciation of hard work and patience. She studied animals on her spare time and became entranced in particular with the North American timber wolf.
Cheree has worked a variety of positions in both the health and marketing industries, including a project manager for a major essential oil corporation, an executive officer for multiple medical clinics, and a designer for CEO presentations. She has ghost written books on health and essential oils and designed pamphlets for business marketing. Cheree has taught high school music classes, and enjoys reading aloud to her daughter and twin sons. Her husband has a successful Chiropractic clinic and she is currently working as a free-lance writer and mother. She is also the bass player for the rock band Alien Landslide.
Cheree and her husband moved from Texas after he earned his Chiropractic degree. They currently live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, and plan great adventures. Cheree is a member of the DFW Writer’s Workshop and the League of Utah Writers, and has an Associate Degree in Creative Writing. She loves reading, writing in stolen moments between being a stay-at-home mom and wife, enjoying time with her daughter, and playing with her twins while planning her next book.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Let the fangirling commence: Bookish announcements that I'm freaking out about

So this week has been a pretty fantastic week for book announcements, if I do say so myself, and of course I have to compile it in to a MEGA-POST so you lovely peoples can fangirl/faanboy about it with me. (I'm practically bouncing up and down as I'm typing right this moment.) xD
Enough about my excitement. Let's take a look at all the fabulous things that have gone down this week.

ACOTAR #2 is called A Court of Mist and Fury

If you've been on Twitter, or any of Sarah's social networks, or this planet, then you may have heard that ACOTAR #2 is A Court of Mist and Fury. (I persoally guessed A Court of Midnight and Fae/Flame but ya know...) Anyways, you know how book #1 was a Beauty and the Beast retelling? Well book #2 is a Hades/Persephone retelling, HADES AND PEREPHONE RETELLINGS ARE MY FAVORITE THING EVER. That alone makes me uber excited but Sarah J Maas writing it? Multiply my excitement by a billion-trillion-gazillion. If you haven't read book 1 (A Court of Thorns and roses) the I highly recommend you do it... Like right now... waiting... still waiting...
If you want more on book #1 then click here.
If you want more on book #2 then click here.

Sarah's fabulous so...

The cover for "The Crowns Game"
 by: Evelyn Skye was released (and it's kind of gorgeous... actually a lot gorgeous)

If you're interested in finding out what this (GORGEOUS) book is about then you can click here to visit Epic Reads' page where they originally shared the cover. :)

Because Evelyn is also fabulous...

The cover for Ivory and Bone by: Julie Eshbaugh was also just released and it's a whole lot of gorgeous as well...

There is so many things right about this book and I CAN'T WAIT until 2016. EEEPPPPP.

Want more on Ivory and Bone? Click here.
Julies links <3: p="">GoodreadsTwitterWebsite

Thought there wasn't more gorgeous covers?
Well you thought wrong!

The cover for Into the Dim by: 
Janet Taylor was revealed!

I'm practically exploding waiting for this book to be released in 2016. The cover is GORGEOUS and Diana Gabaldon blurbed it. DIANA GABALDON. If that doesn't sell you then... So freaking excited. :D

Want more on Into the Dim? Click here!

Janet's links <3: p="">

Obsidian by: Jennifer L. Armentrout is going to be a movie,
I REPEAT. A movie!!!

It was announced recently that Katy and Daemon would be appearing on the big screen. To be quite honest I pretty much only care about who they cast as Daemon. *waggles eyebrows* But there's always that concern that the movie won't accurately represent the book but as always I'll try to look on the positive side. But overall I'm SO EXCITED ASDFGHJKL.

Want more on the movie? Click here.

Being my un-organized self  I probably left out some announcements xD
Feel free to comment and tell me what announcement made you the most excited this week!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful ladies at The Broke and the Bookish

   So I've been absent for the past week and a half *walks into corner of shame* but I'm back! Today I'm going to be sharing with y'all my:

Top ten author duos I'd love to see
write a book together.

Susan Dennard + Sarah J Maas

I completely agree with Jamie on this one. I adore both Sarah and Susan and though they do write The Starkillers cycle together I would love to have a physical copy of one of their collabs. :D

Susan Ee + Laini Taylor

Angelfall and Daughter of Smoke and Bone are both fabulous books, and you should read them if you haven't yet. Can we just picture the epicness that will be this collab?!

Jennifer L. Armentrout + Gena Showalter

I know that both of these ladies are new adult writers as well as YA writers but I'm thinking more of their YA works. A YA romance written by this duo? Yes, Please!

Kiera Cass + Rainbow Rowell

I'm picturing a bad-ass dystopian, futuristicy novel plus a HOLY CRAP THIS ROMANCE IS AMAZING aspect. 
Kiera: *attempts to write characters similiar to Eadlyn and America*

Rainbow: "lets not..."
*fixes manuscript*

Mari Lu + Victoria Aveyard

I just thought of this duo a second ago and I have absolutely no reasoning behind it. xD 
What can I say... I just feel like something from the two of them would be epic.

I totally cheated and did ten authors total (not ten author duos)
but I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. ;)

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Adventures of a book girl: Rae Carson, Sarah Prineas, and Joelle Charbonneau talk about some things

Welcome to my second installation of Adventures of a book girl! Today I'll be talking about my experience at a signing I went to last Friday for Sarah Prineas, Joelle Charbonneau, and (one of my many YA fantasy queens) Rae Carson.

So let's start from the very beginning:

Back in 2013? One of my best friends started reading a book titled The Girl of Fire and Thorns and she seemed to love it with every ounce of her being, so obviously I went to the library and secretly started reading it. Why in secret? Because she liked to spoil.... and I can't stand spoilers. Then a few days later she came over and I forgot that TGOFAT was sitting in plain sight on my couch. Long story short, in the next few weeks/months me and my friend had a spoiler contest of sorts and we practically raced to try and finish the trilogy first. (She also did a book talk on EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL of book 2 in my English class so I was forced to listen. But that's besides the point.)

*Time travel forward to 2015*

Helloooo 2015! *waves*

Then a month or two back I was looking for bookish events that I could maybe, kinda, sorta attend. Ya know, because why not? I was scrolling through Andersons Bookshop events and what did I come across? A Rae Carson signing. I can't even communicate in words how excited I got... So I'll attempt to show you with a GIF.

...Pretty much.

Now despite me being SUPER excited I had very little hope. I didn't know if it would work out with my schedule and La Grange, Illinios (where the signing was taking place) is about 3 hours from my house. 

But very fortunately I was able to go. (I squealed a lot.)

*Flash forward to about a week ago*

So the day of the event I decided to take my friend. How could I not take the one person who introduced me to Raes awesomeness? Of course I was excited. I mean, RAE CARSON. So when Susan Dennard (another one of my queens) said she would be going to support Rae and Sarah I practically started rolling around on the floor. Practically? No. I un-apolagetically did roll around on the floor like the crazy fangirl I am.
I got everything ready, we went and got my friend, and then rode in the car for about three, interesting, hours. (I played Badlands in the car because Halsey is the

Since we got there early we ate at a Chinese restaurant.

The server was a cute little old man that thought we needed ALL of the rice that was served to us. Guess who came home with three boxes of rice? This girl!


The actual signing was super fun. Joelle, who was the moderator, asked Sarah and Rae some questions that got some interesting answers.

One of the conversations went something like this:

Joelle: Do you think that the term "strong female lead" is being overused?

Rae: * yes* I almost never get asked the real question. "How do you write such strong male leads." Sure it's great to have a strong female character but....

This is definitely not quote on quote correct but it does summarize what was said. Why do we always assume that the male leads will be strong and then assume that being a strong female is unique? Rae is absolutely right, at least in my opinion. I'm still thinking about this, though, because it was thought provoking.

Sarah told us about how she once wrote with some goats and Rae told us about how she writes in different parts of her house for every book that she writes. 
It was obvious that Rae was exhausted. She had been staying up late and then waking up early that week. She even spaced out on a few of the questions (jokingly?)

After all the questions had been asked we got our books signed. I was unfortunately unable to get Sarah's book *sad face* but I'm going to be reading it soon. I did get my copy of WOEAS signed by Rae and we took a picture and everything was good.

Then I went and had a great conversation with Sooz. When I went up to her I was like "Hi, I'm Faith." and she recognized me from Twitter *squeals*. (Actually, Sarah and Rae did too which was pretty great.) She gave me a hug and we talked for a while before I had to leave. (And guys if you ever get the chance to go and meet her, please do. She's legitimately one of the sweetest humans ever.)

The car ride back was interesting, of course, and tiring. I didn't get home until about 11:30 p.m but it was completely worth it.

Overall I would say that was one of the best nights I've had in a long time.

Side Note: When I got home I realized that I had been sitting right next to Katie from Polished Page Turners. I didn't get to say hi but there's always next time!

What was the last bookish event you went to? (OR)  What authors would you like to meet?
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 2, 2015

ASDFGHJKL says the Gif: Top ten gifs that explain my feels when reading

If you've visited my little blog before then you may have noticed that I like GIFs...Or maybe you didn't because I try to hold back on my GIF obsession when writing a blog post. (Though lets be honest, I could look at GIFs all day long.)
So today I decided to let my GIF-obsessed side run free.
(Just now realizing I said GIF a 10000 times.)
...and it has begun

Top Ten Gifs that explain my feels while reading

1. When you're starting a book
 and you can't decide how you feel.

2. When you guessed the plot-twist
 and you're just sitting there like:

3. When the MC makes one stupid choice after another:

4. When your favorite character dies:

...and you know the author's sitting there like:

5. When you start the final book in a series:
*cough* Clockwork Princess *cough*

6. When there's some serious girl power going on:

7. When the story goes off in a strange direction:

8. Imagine the tomato is a book world.
The turtle is you attempting to get into the book world.

... I'll keep trying. *cries*

9. Thinking about what you're going to rate the book:

10. When you finish a book and the ending is mind blowing:

Do you agree with any of these?
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Review|| A Court of Wings and Ruin (and lot's of cringe) by: Sarah J Maas

I don't usually like to review sequels because then the review can't truly be spoiler free (which is a huge bummer). BUT I ha...